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Reprocessed Resins

Polifil rp

The Polifil® RP line of reprocessed resins offers similar properties as the Prime Equivalent at a substantial cost reduction. TPG offers a wide variety of reprocessed resins, which are currently utilized in many different applications. We can supply you with Certificates of Analysis and Data Sheets on these materials as requested.

Polifil® RP-ABS
Reprocessed Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Styrene

Polifil® RP-HDPE
Reprocessed High Density Polyethylene

Polifil® RP-HIPS
Reprocessed High Impact Polystyrene

Polifil® RP-LDPE
Reprocessed Low Density Polyethylene

Polifil® RP-PP
Reprocessed Polypropylene