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Optimizing Performance Using a Differential Scanning Calorimeter

The DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimeter) is a very useful tool in the thermal analysis of PP compounds.

While most applications center around obtaining a melting point for material identification, much can be learned about the compound by studying the cooling exotherms as well - specifically, the onset temp of crystallization, the peak temp of crystallization, and finally the completion temp of crystallization.

I have received Customer complaints that center around "your material sets too slowly." To address this concern, we often run the DSC scan and find that cooling exotherms are higher with the competitive product.

We can increase theses values by two methods - the addition of a hypernucleant at 1000 ppm or 0.1% by weight, or, the use of micro-fillers instead of the coarser analogues.

By utilizing the DSC as an analytical tool, we are able to optimize the formulation for the highest cooling temps, which leads to extremely quick injection-molding cycles. By reducing the cooling portion of the overall cycle, we observe a 10 to 15% overall cycle time reduction.

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