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Engineered Resins

Polifil resin

TPG’s Polifil® line of reinforced resins utilizes additives & agents including mineral, talc, calcium, mica, glass & barium for applications in the automotive, medical, appliance, toy, hardware and furniture industries.

Polifil® GFABS
Glass-Filled Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Styrene

Polifil® GFPC
Glass-Filled Polycarbonate

Polifil® GFN 6
Glass-Filled Nylon 6

Polifil® GFN 6/6
Glass-Filled Nylon 6/6

Polifil® Nylon 6
Nylon 6 Resins

Polifil® Nylon 6/6
Nylon 6/6 Resins

All Polifil® Resins are available with UV Inhibitor or Heat Stabilization Packages customized to your specifications. Please contact your Account Manager for details.