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Sequential Valve Gating

Sequential valve gating is the independent control of valve gates in a mold. Sequential valve gating is used to control the filling of parts with dissimilar mass (i.e., family molds). Each valve gate is independently opened and closed at a pre-determined event (time, screw position, cavity pressure, etc.), providing complete control of cavity fill. The balanced flow to each cavity eliminates over-packing and flash.

Sequential valve gating also can be used to control the location of weldlines or, with cascade filling, eliminate the flowlines on long parts. Weldline control is very important in parts that contain a "living hinge." The working life of a living hinge is greatly reduced if a weldline forms over the thin section of the hinge. Sequential gating can be used to insure that the weld is positioned away from the hinge area, improving the product’s performance.

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