Custom Compounders Since 1973


With over 250,000 sq. feet of manufacturing space, The Plastics Group has been custom compounding Polifil® polypropylene-based reinforced resins for over 40 years. While also a broker and distributor, we are primarily an asset-based manufacturer, capable of custom-compounding resins to the physical, mechanical, and thermal specifications your application requires.


Having an ISO 17025-certified testing lab on site enables us to closely match the tight performance specs you provide. Whether you’ve ordered 100 pounds or 100,000, count on us to deliver exceptional quality and consistency in every batch we compound for you.


"Custom Compounders Since 1973" means The Plastics Group is always willing to do whatever is necessary, even unexpected, to achieve customer satisfaction. From color matching to sooner-than-expected delivery to competitive pricing, The Plastics Group strives to deliver every order it receives on time and on budget.